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The Jewish Foundation for the Righteous provides financial support to more than 600 non-Jews who rescued Jews during the Holocaust and preserves their legacy through a national education program.



The JFR requires the following information in order to process an application for ongoing financial support:

  1. The complete address of the rescuer including postal code and telephone number with country and regional codes.
  2. Rescue story - provide as much detail as possible.
  3. Description of the rescuer's present living conditions. The following information should be provided - does the rescuer live alone; are there children who can provide assistance with activities of daily living as well as help support their parent.
  4. A copy of the rescuer's most recent pension statement.
  5. Photocopy of the rescuer's identity card or passport - specifically the page(s) with the rescuer's photograph and date of birth - month, day, year.
  6. A copy of the Yad Vashem diploma. If there is no diploma, a copy of the letter from Yad Vashem indicating that the rescuer has been recognized as a Righteous Gentile.
  7. The maiden name of the rescuer's mother.
  8. The name(s) of the Jews rescued.
  9. Is the rescuer in contact with the Jewish survivor(s)?
  10. If the survivor is still alive, when was the last time the rescuer actually saw the survivor? Does the survivor and/or the survivor's family provide any financial assistance to the rescuer? Address of the survivor(s) - include the survivor's postal code and telephone number.

All of the above information needs to be provided in order for the Foundation to make a determination of support. The requested information can be provided in the rescuer's native language. The Foundation will have the documents translated. Separate information needs to be submitted for each rescuer seeking assistance.


Stories of Rescue

To read stories of moral courage click on a country below.





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