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The Jewish Foundation for the Righteous provides financial support to more than 600 non-Jews who rescued Jews during the Holocaust and preserves their legacy through a national education program.



How was this Possible? A reader on the Holocaust

The Jewish Foundation for the Righteous is in the process of completing an anthology entitled How was this Possible? A Reader on the Holocaust. Edited and introduced by Holocaust historian and scholar, Peter Hayes, this anthology presents the history of the Holocaust from the origins of antisemitism to the post-Holocaust world.  The book is being published by the University of Nebraska Press and will be avaiable in spring 2015.

Following the publication of How was this Possible? A Reader on the Holocaust, the JFR will publish a second volume that will provide teachers with classroom resources that will enable an educator to take the historigraphy contained in How was this Possible? A Reader on the Holocaust and to integrate it in a substantive, accessible, and meaningful way as part of a unit of study on the Holocaust.

In October 2002, the JFR published Voices & Views: A History of the Holocaust, edited and introduced by Holocaust historian Debórah Dwork.  This anthology includes works from noted Holocaust scholars and writers, including Yehuda Bauer, Debórah Dwork, Saul Friedlander, Yisrael Gutman, Primo Levi, Michael Marrus, Nechama Tec, and Robert Jan van Pelt. You can purchase Voices & Views in our online store.

The second book, a Resource for Teachers (working title), will provide resources and ideas for the teacher to integrate the knowledge obtained from How was this Possible? A Reader on the Holocaust into the classroom. The Resource for Teachers will include guidelines for teaching the Holocaust; essential questions and student outcomes for each chapter (which correspond to the ten chapters in Voices & Views); suggested teaching approaches; primary source documents, such as excerpts from speeches and diaries, government documents, memoirs, photographs, political cartoons, newspaper clippings, and maps; a glossary of terms and places; and short biographies of key historical figures from the period.


The Jewish Foundation for the Righteous offers a set of classroom posters on the rescue of Jews by non-Jews during the Holocaust.  This set conveys a crucial message: that the Righteous are not just heroes from the past, but also role models for the present.  The posters underscore this idea by linking individual rescuers to character traits exemplified in their stories – traits that are well-known and within reach to young people.  The posters are available in English.  A version in Spanish will be available in the winter of 2015.

The JFR poster set on rescue is being used in classrooms and Holocaust centers across the country and abroad.  The poster set has been published in Croatian and Polish and is being used in secondary schools in both countries.  We are pleased to offer this unique educational resource. If you already have the posters and would like to download the handouts, please click here.  The handouts are needed if you are using the suggested approaches from the Teachers' Guide that accompanied your poster set.

You can purchase the Poster Set on Rescue: Traits that Transcend in our online store.


The JFR has produced two units of study. One unit addresses the rescue of Jews in Denmark, and the second unit focuses on Zegotathat part of the Polish underground that was established to help Jews.  These units, which deal with two themes related to rescue, are designed to be covered in one or two class periods.















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